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Paralympic Series

"The Paralympic Games are about transforming our perception of the world." - Stephen Hawking

Where Will You Be When The Torch Is Lit?

All the Links You Need to Bookmark to Be The Paralympics #1 Fan

1. Why should I even watch the Paralympic Games?

I'm glad you asked! You can read my address to this inquiry here.

2. When will the games be on TV?

You can see the complete broadcast schedule here. There will be more than 70 hours of coverage (that's 20 more than Sochi games and more than 10 times the coverage of the London Paralympics!)

3. Who will be commentating?

While I'd love to see Pepper Brooks report on Goalball, the list of commentators for the games is a tad more knowledgable and experienced. See the full lineup of announcers here.

4. What sports are in the Paralympic Games?

Athletes will compete in 23 sports, which you can find spectator guides to here.

5. What countries are competing in the Paralympic games?

While 208 countries competed in the Olympic Games, 175 countries will compete in the Paralympic Games. Most notably not competing? Russia. 

Find out more on how the Soviet Union scandals continue here.

6. What else do I need to know?

Well, you should know Usain Bolt is going to be participating in the Paralympics! That's pretty neat! No, he's not competing himself, find out what he's actually doing here.

The beautiful Amy Purdy will be dancing in the Opening Ceremonies! Get your tissues ready, folks.

You should also know that you can help light the torch yourself! It's true! To see how you can use the power of social media and positive energy to light the flame, click here.

I sure hope I've convinced you to tune in! As for me, I'll be down in Rio watching as many sports as I can live. If you'd like to follow me and my Paralympic-watching adventures, you can add me on social media. I'll be posting a ton, and please feel free to send any questions or requests you have about the games to me, I'd love to answer them!

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